Our Training Programme

Training is an integral part of a karate student’s life. We all experience rough days and those days where nothing may seem to go our way. The dojo is a place of serenity, peacefulness, where nothing else matters, and a place of release. Allow yourself to let go and leave all your worries outside the door as you step into the dojo. We assure you that there is no better medication than karate.

Our Karate Class Schedule

White, Yellow & Orange Belts + New Beginner Children

Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Brown & Black Belts + New Beginner Adults

YOUR Children, OUR Students

Providing children with many opportunities and the right path to a successful future is an important factor in a child’s early development stages. Look to Rising Sun JKA Karate Dojo to foster your children in building the foundation of their lives.

We trust that our programme and karate environment have the potential to give them the skills they need to handle themselves and the world today. Our platform has been developed through certified expertise and continuous research to offer our students the finest karate experience.

At Rising Sun JKA Karate Dojo we cultivate traditional discipline, self-control and respect which are our 3 pillars and foundation to the many more building blocks in our programme.

We believe that fitness, general health, self-defence, mental growth, social interaction, competition, self-growth, teamwork and friendship are all necessary attributes to succeed. We aim to deliver on all these factors and ultimately have fun in doing so.